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All of our professional staff and myself, invite you to visit our clinic/spa. All our programs are exclusive and selected for your needs, so in few visits you can see results!

We are committed to achieve optimal results in skin's health and beauty through the expertise of our professional staff wo share our vision with integrity and respect. During my professional career, inthe field of medical aesthetics in Europe and America, I have recognized that a healthy, fresh, and smooth complexion is of great importance to people of all ages. Despite the skin's defenses, it is quite fragile in the inevitable process of aging. Therefore, through extensive scientific laboratory research, we have developed tools to achieve the most complete and highest quality of dermo-cosmetic care. The fundamental programs are basic treatments: each one adapted to one or several skin types. Them all follow the necessary steps to provide quality facial care with visible results from day ONE.

We are proud to mention that we have the best treatments available in the market. I offer you my over 40 years of experience and our dedication to serve you.

Lucy Madariaga, Ph.D. Directress


5401 Collins Avenue (CU-12)
Miami Beach, FL. 33140
at The Carriage House - Mezzanine


Phone: 305-865-6265
Email: newlife.clinic@att.net

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Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday
10:00 am to 6:00 pm

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Saturday By Appointment Only