Younger Face vs Other Treatments

Younger Face®

Plastic Surgery

Abrasive Peeling


No exiting risks. No allergies or rejection. Surgical intervention and risks. Great cardiac and renal risks, as toxins invade the skin. Allergy and / or rejection risks.

No need for anesthesia. Anesthesia & risks. Needs anesthetic, as it is extremely painful. No Anesthesia. Can be painful & uncomfortable.

No scars since there are no cuts. Scars, including hypertrophy and Keloids. Keloid scars can be presented. N/A

The skin is no: "pulled" elasticity & firmness of the tissues returns. The skin is pulled, causing the natural collagen fibers to weaken. N/A Only fills the lines, does not rejuvenate the skin.

Does not change facial features. Pigment does not change and color is normal. Change facial features. Totally changes the pigment (color of skin). Changes features as the injected area is swollen.

Skin shows a natural, younger aspect. Would look plastic, pulled but not younger. Skin does not change. Redness or whiteness of the skin remains, skin is left lifeless. Skin remains aged.

Lasts l0 to l5 years. The time chronologically rejuvenated would be for a life time. Last between 3 to 5 years. Lasts long but is very unnatural. After the complete application it lasts a maximum of 4 to 6 mo.

Completely restores “crown feet” from the eyes and lines around the lips. Surgery does not repair any of these areas. Peelings can not be done at eyes areas. Is not very efficient around the eyes or mouth.

Can be normally exposed to the sun, after three months. Can be exposed to the sun after 1 month. lf there are no complications. No sun exposure for the rest of your life. N/A

Fast recuperation. Normal activity can be resumed the next day after treatment is over. Various days of swelling and bruises. Slow recuperation can take anywhere from 6 month to various years. N/A


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